Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hobbit Day...bleh.

Smeagol is soooo excited for Baggins' birthday. Yes precious, look at how excited we are.
Grr...the short blogger wants us to write a post for today, but we hates Baggins! We doesn't want to celebrate its birthday, especially when it takes our birthday present. He tricks us, he cheats us! We will make a list, yes precious? Reasons why we hate Bilbo Baggins!

1. He stole our Precious!

2. He cheats at riddles (what has it got in its pocketses silly riddle precious yes very silly it doesn't count no it doesn't count in the game)

3. He tells other silly riddles (we knows the 30 white horses long ago, it thinks we are stupid?)

4. He stole our Precious!

5. He points sharp things at us (don't hurt poor Smeagol!)

6. He sneaks after us to find the way out (he cheats!)

7. He plays leap frog without asking us (maybe we lets it jump over us to get out if it asks nicely)

8. He stole our Precious!

9. He takes his handses out of his pocketses too fast (if Baggins cheats, Smeagol will be clever!)

10. He stinks of nasty elfses

11. He is a friend of the nasty wizard



  1. Good list Gollum! If Bilbo did that to me I would be hate him too.


    1. Yes, it understands us! We hates Baggins forever!

  2. poor Smeagol, you must be heart broken

    1. Our heart, poor Smeagol's heart, yes, broken, all broken. Baggins doesn't care. He takes our Precious. He takes it away from us. Breaks Smeagol's heart.


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