Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ask Gollum - moviesss and enemiesss

We gets some more questions! Two about moviessss...

Gollum, do you like Star Wars?

Do we like...Star Warses. We do, yes, we do likes it a bit. Not the Emperor. Not nice, no, not very nice. And "Ben" makes us think of the wizard, Gandalf. But we likes other parts. When The Clone Wars was on, we watched it. We even reviews it on the short blogger's blog! But between Star Warses and our movies, we likes ours better. Much better. We are in it!

Who is your most hated enemy?
Is you went to the movies what would you take?

We answers the first a bit before, but Baggins. We hates it forever. Never forgive it! Never forgive it for stealing our precious, our birthday present. Maybe we steals its pocket handkerchief! See how it likes having its precious stolen.
To the movies... It has popcorn. Does it have fishes? Maybe we takes our own fish. And we brings earplugs. Movies are so loud, they hurt Smeagol's ears. But we can see in the dark of theaters very well. That's why we maybe also takes someone to lose in there! Heeheehee...

Now that we thinks about it, we finds a picture of us in Star Warses!

We thanks it for the questions, precious!


  1. Whoops, didn't realise that. Sorry. Two of the best film series together. Very interesting...

  2. Thanks for answering my question! And hilarious answer too. That picture of you in Star Wars is so funny, you could be Maul's half brother or something.


  3. Glad you like Star Wars, Gollum, it's definitely a favorite of mine.
    And I agree about movie theaters, I like the dark too.

  4. Vellvin - We doesn't mind. We likes to talk to it. Yes, very good films, very good precious!

    James - We are happy to answer its questions about us. Oh no precious, we would not want to be the brother of one of Maul's halfs. Strange, very strange.

    Shena - Yes, we likes it very much! Smeagol likes the dark. Dark and cool...


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