Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Hobbit Trailer +Q&A

We finds a new trailer for the Hobbitses movie! Maybe it wants to see it.

We likes it very much. It gives us a better of idea of what we will see. But we doesn't like many people in it. No, not very many at all. Nasty elfses and wizardses and hobbitses. Yes, nasty hobbitses! Baggins makes this video too:

We doesn't want Baggins in our cinema. We has to see him enough in the movie, don't we, precious? Baggins can stay away.

Since we are talking about movies, we answers this question:

Who is your favorite actor?

Andy Serkis! He brings Smeagol to life! He plays us very well, helps people to know us, yes? Helps them care about us? Yes precious, Andy Serkis we likes very much.


  1. I agree, the trailer is a good one. And, yes, Andy Serkis is definitely a very good actor .

    1. Yes, yes he is! He is, precious. Very good actor, very good. Nice to Smeagol.


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