Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trust Us Thursday - Fissssh in the Sea

"There are plenty of fish in the sea"

We hears this piece of advice, and we would like to explain it.

It finds someone. It likes it. It likes it very much.

But then it goes away. It loses the thing it wants.

It will be sad, so very sad, but it will get better.

It is not the only one.

It will find another one it likes. We knows it will.

It may wait a very long time, but we knows it will find another.

Then it can grab it and eat the fish! Heheheheheh!

We got a question. Yes, a question from Vellvin! It fits very nicely into this post, doesn't it precious?

Why is it that you don't like potatoes? Or chips for that matter?

When the fat hobbit tells us of "fish and chips," we doesn't like the idea, no precious, we doesn't like it one little bit. It ruins nice fish. It fries it, and the chips too. Foolish, silly hobbits! We knows that its fish is bad, and we doesn't want its chips. No grasses or roots. We likes fresh meat. We finds it young, tender, nice. That is our advice. It mustn't spoil nice things, no precious! It mustn't spoil nice things that Smeagol finds for hobbitses. Eat it now, before it spoils, and do not put it in a pot!


  1. Yes, I love mummy fish! Gollum you would love the sea, so many fish!


  2. Oh my gosh that is the best explanation of "plenty of fish in the sea" i have ever heard!

  3. James - The sea sounds nice. We have never been to the sea. Far, so far away from Smeagol. Maybe we goes. Maybe we will, precious.

    Shaak Ti - Now it understands it, yes? It understands it nicely? Good Smeagol always helps.


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