Saturday, August 10, 2013

Story Saturday - B̶i̶l̶b̶o̶'̶s̶ Gollum's Song

One ill turn deserves another, we hears. Since Baggins stole our precious, we thinks that we should steal from him. So we takes his song! But we doesn't like it much, no, not very much at all. We makes it much, much better. Look! Look, followers!

We sits beside the fire and thinks
Of all that we have seen,
Of Mordor towers and the Great Eye
No fish, no birds, no green;

Of dark and damp in caves of her
Atop the winding stair,
She's waiting there to have her fun
When next we brings food there. 

We sits beside the fire and thinks
Of how hobbits will be
When we get back our Precious Ring
And gets it back for MEEEE!

For Baggins stole our Precious Ring
And slips away unseen
With pocketses not holding string
As at our loss we screams.

We sits beside the fire and thinks
Of where Master will go
As he walks far across the world
On paths that we will show.

But all the while we sits and thinks
Of what happened before,
We waits for hobbitses defeat
For now they are done for!



  1. Very funny! Your blog really should have more followers! I Tweeted about it, so hopefully more people will find your blog.



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