Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Precious Liebster Awards

Smeagol got an award! Yes, precious, two of them! We are a very good blogger, yes precious. Much better than the Short Blogger. We have a nice blog. And we have been rewarded!

thank and link back to the person who nominated you
list 11 facts about yourself
answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you

nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
ask them 11 questions

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We were tagged by Alyianna at Scribbles of a Catholic Girl and Shaak Ti at The Artist Alchemist! Nice bloggers.

11 Things About Us:
1. We has six teeth
2. We like fishes
3. And crunchable birdses
4. We hates Bagginses
5. Smeagol is a Stoor
6. We likes games
7. Smeagol is very good at swimming
8. We likes the dark
9. We are a good guide
10. The Short Blogger says our Westron name is Trahald, which means "burrowing, worming in or "apt to creep into a hole" [source]. It sounds like what the Fat Hobbit calls us.
11. Today Smeagol caught some beautiful rabbitses

Alyianna asks us:

1. Tell me the next word or phrase that comes to your mind when you see these words...
a) ring - my PRECIOUS!
b) dalek - we doesn't know what this is
c) magic - our Precious is magic
d) dance - we likes to dance!
e) clownfish - nice fissssh...
f) glitter - does it sparkle?

2. (Because I can never go without one of my "would you rather" questions. Each letter is a different question. Yeah, I'm cheating with going over eleven questions...whatever.) Would you rather...?
a) Learn archery with Legolas, Susan Pevensie, Merida, or Katniss? Not nasty elveses. We doesn't know the others.
b) Go on an adventure with Gandalf or the Doctor? We doesn't like Gandalf either. We pick the Doctor.
c) Learn magic with Dumbledore or Merlin? Smeagol thinks Dumbledore would be nice to us.

3. If you could pick three languages that you would know in an instant without having to spend time learning it, which three languages would you pick?
We can think of two: The language of our Precious, and elvish so elves cannot hide things from poor Smeagol.

4. What is the one household chore that you utterly detest?
Cleaning up the goblins that fall in our cave. Nasty work, precious.

5. If you got a million dollars, what would you spend it on? (There's a pricey questions for you. :P)
Fish! All the fish Smeagol could want.

6. How would you respond if someone came up to and told you that they were going to take you on a deluxe cruise for two months that he or she would pay for entirely (including shopping at stores on landing places), but you had to leave right now without going home to say goodbye to your family?
No, we doesn't want to go with it.

7. What comes into your mind when you see this GIF?

What we wanted to do to the Fat Hobbit in the Dead Marshes.

8. Tell me one of your biggest dreams that is probably impossible but you'll never stop wishing for it anyway.
To find my Precious. :(

9. What is one of your most embarrassing moments? (See, I'm letting you pick one - it doesn't have to be the most!!!)
Musn't ask us. Not its business.

10. If a crocodile came up to you and told you to lie down and let him eat you, would you trust him?
Smeagol has never met a crocodile. Smeagol doesn't want to.

11. What would you do if your phone woke you up in the middle of the night and there was a creepy voice on the other end asking you for ransom money in return for the release of your best friend?
We doesn't have a best friend. Or a phone.

Shaak Ti asks us:

1. What are looking forward to most this school year? (even if you're not in school)
Children inside so they do not bother Smeagol.

2. If you were given the chance to go ANYWHERE in the world for one week, and it was completely payed for and everything, where would you go?
Somewhere with lots of fishes

3. On the topic of travel- what is the best trip you've ever been on?
We likes Ithilien for a little while. Before hobbitses and men hurt us...

4. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the sea?
We lives in the mountains

5. Alternative or Pop music?
What does it say?

6. What would you do if you could spend the day with one of your favorite characters?
Smeagol doesn't have a favorite character...We can say our favorite is Nemo, so we eats it!

7. Can you name all 50 American states (and if you're not American- can you name all the regions/states of you're country?)
Arnor, Mordor, Rohan, Moria, Gondor...we doesn't remember.

8. Favorite girls name beginning with "T" + its meaning
Smeagol doesn't know

9. Favorite boys name beginning with "L" +it's meaning
Not Legolas, precious.

10. What type of atmosphere do you like when you go out to eat?
The rock and pool is wet and cool, so nice for feet...

11. What sport do you enjoy most? (And you can either participate in it, or just like to watch it. Whatever floats your boat :) )
We likes boating. Even nasty Aragorn says, "he's too clever a waterman"!

Now it knows more about us! But Smeagol must go see to our rabbits now. We hope it likes our post, precious!


  1. Not Legolas HOW DARE YOU! ;)

    1. It can keep its nasty elfses. We doesn't need an archery anyway.

      ((What Gollum means is that he is happy to offer Legolas as a trainer to others! Aren't you, Gollum? ;) -Arda))


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