Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Eassssster!

It is Easter, Precious! Yes, Easter Sunday it is!

We likes Easter. It's very happy. Though too bright for us, precious.

Does it know our favorite part of Easter? Can it guess? We stole them from nests long ago, teaching our grandmother...our grandmother...

Eggses! Eggses it is! We eats lots of eggses on Easter. So tasty, so scrumptious.

Would nice Master like an Easter egg?

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 But that is not all that is special about today, oh no precious! Does it know what else is today?

It's a birthday! Yes, it is Andy Serkis's birthday!

We thinks it looks very nice in a suit, doesn't it Precious? Nicer than when it is playing us?
Andy Serkis is our friend, and he has lived for 50 years today! Catching up to us, is it precious?

We must celebrate with something we likes. And we likes riddles! We likes riddles very much. The Short Blogger tells us to say thank you to Shaak Ti for sending one to us. [thank you, you rock!]

I hear you like riddles: Paul is 20 years old in 1980 but only 15 years old in 1985. How is this possible?

Yes, it is right, we does like riddles! We shall try to guess your riddle.

Hehehe, chestnuts, chestnuts, we can solve this., ss, ss.......s-s-s-s-s-s.......

Ahhhh! We doesn't know, we doesn't know! Poor Smeagol. Poor, poor Smeagol cannot guess. We doesn't know, it wins the game!

[At this point, I tried and failed to solve the riddle. So I asked my brother, who also didn't know. Then I brought it to my dad, who immediately came up with the answer.]

The years are BC?? BC the Short Blogger tells us? What is it? Like the Second Age leading into the Third, it says? We doesn't understand! Nooooo we doesn't like riddles very much at all. [he's kidding, we really enjoyed your riddle!]

Now Smeagol must go have more eggses. We hope it has a happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Smeagol! And happy Birthday to Andy Serkis as well. I hope you get lots of eggs today :)

    1. Yesssss, lots of nice eggses, precious!

      [Thanks Shena! Hope you're having a great Easter! :) -Arda]

  2. Happy Easter Gollum, Adra, and Deagol if you are still hanging around. :)


    1. Thank you from all of us, and happy Easter to you as well! Gollum said he hopes you got some nice eggs, and Deagol said to thank you for remembering him as well. He was making hard boiled eggs for Gollum so I'm going to have to separate those two...


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