Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool!!!

Dear Smeagol,

APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!

It's me, Deagol! Yeah, I'm dead. Thanks to SOMEBODY. But being dead isn't as bad as you might think. I have lots of time to make plans, so I will return to haunt Smeagol for the rest of his days!!!

Let's start off with some lovely fish and chips, shall we? Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish!

Look at this, Smeagol

Look at it

Isn't it beautiful

And who better to share such a delicacy with than our dear Bilbo Baggins!!

So majestic

Nice sword, eh Smeagol? You've seen it before, haven't you?

Bit nicer looking than this blogger, I'd say

And the wise elder hobbit!

Ah, sweet revenge. Farewell Smeagol! May you keep what hair you have left!

Your friendly ghost,

Update from Arda - here was Deagol's redesign from April 1st that Gollum loved so much:


  1. Nooooooooo! Nasty, tricksey thieves!! We hates it!! Ruined fishes, Bagginses...wicked, precious. Yes, very tricksey! We hates it!! Hates it forever!!

  2. Hi Deagol! I think we both agree, chips and fish just go together! :D

  3. Good job, Deagol- those fish and chips look really good!

  4. They do, don't they? We really need to make some changes around here.

  5. No! It doesn't look good at all, no precious! No more changes! Smeagol wants his blog back the way it was. Why hasn't the Short Blogger fixed it? Where is it? Nasty thieves ruins our nice blog...

    [I will change it back. Eventually. -Arda]

  6. ROFL! Freaking hilarious! Great idea for April Fools. :) And it's good to see you back from the dead Deagol.


  7. Thanks! Being a ghost does really give you lots of good ideas for pranks. And thanks. #notdead


    [Oh dear, I am simply too busy to fix the blog for a couple days yet...what a tragedy. ;) -Arda]

  9. Just came across this blog - it is awesome! And nice to see you again Deagol!!

  10. Deagol and I say thank you! Gollum is still sulking, I'm afraid. I'll change the blog back tonight or tomorrow.


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