Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tricksey Tuesday - Crumbs on his jacketses


Smeagol loves to trick nasty hobbitses! We will show it how to trick hobbitses it doesn't like too!

We played a very clever trick once, yes, very clever. The fat hobbit wanted to help Master hurt the Precious. So we sends him away! Hehehehe!

Precious will see, we throws nasty elf bread off a cliff, then we puts crumbs on the fat hobbit's jacketses. So Master thinks he eats them! Smeagol is so clever!

We hear things, that when there are three friends, there can be a "third wheel." Smeagol does not know what this means, but the short blogger, she says it's nassty. We thinks we was it with Master and the fat hobbit. So we will help it! Smeagol will help!

But we thinks it may not have nasty elf bread, so here is what Smeagol thinks it can do.

If it wants to get rid of ssomeone, we thinks it should find a phone. Yes, it uses phones? It uses them very much?

So it gets a phone of one friend, and then, hehe, then it changes all the names in the contacts to Gothmog! Except one. It leaves the name of the other person. So it looks like they did it! Then the friend will send them away. Hehehe, Smeagol is so clever! Gollum gollum.

We hopes it likes our tricks, precious! Good luck getting rid of nasty hobbitses!


  1. Very tricky- you're very good at that sort of thing.

  2. Yes, very clever Gollum, very clever.... Modern day Middle Earth, absolutely hilarious!


  3. Yes yes, we are very clever! We likes your commentses.

  4. Good idea. :)
    But how do you get the phone off them?

  5. What if they don't have a phone?

    See you Gollum.

  6. Vellvin - When it's sleeping...when it is fast asleep...it sneaks up so very carefully until it is quite close, and slowly, slowly, slips the phone away! Hehehehe!

    Rogan - Does it like cookies? Does it have some lovely soft, crunchable cookies? It can do what we did with the nasty elf bread, but use cookies instead. Yes, precious, we think that would be a good idea.


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